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A very Thai restaurant @The Gap, Queensland.

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Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Satay
Seafood Tom Yum
Beef Massaman Curry
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Chicken Thai Fried Rice


45. Green Curry
	The hottest Thai curry

46. Red Curry,
	The red curry paste creates this fascinating taste

47. Yellow Curry
	Richer and creamier than other curries, since coconut cream is used in 
	addition to coconut milk. This is done to tone down the spiciness

48. Panang Curry
	A medium hot curry with vegetable and mushrooms

49. Massaman Curry
	A mild curry with potatoes, onions, carrots and peanuts

50. Jungle Curry
	A special Thai curry cooked with vegetables and absolutely no coconut milk

51. Choo Chee
	Slightly sweet, thick ,ild curry with nothing but finely sliced kaffir
	lime leaves (may garnish with sliced capsicum)